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Blogging is my way of giving back to the community and to be honest I actually start liking writing about my experience and sharing it with the people in the community. The topic I often write about is the experience in my life and technical problems that there are no good solutions easily available online.

Automatic Deployment with GitHub on Any Server Instance without GitHub workflow or SSH

Learn to impliment automatic deployment an application to the cloud virtual server without using GitHub workflow and SHH, by means of a nodejs based express server.

Detect React Route Change in Vanilla JavaScript

Wondering how would you listen to page change for the spa in a Virutal DOM which is routing through client-side routing via vanilla javascript.

How to use React Native Foreground Service

Forground service that you can use to create an always on Background task in React Native. Foreground service is a kind of service in Android that has a notification that can not be removed until the foreground service is closed, and because of this, you can run a background task with the help of headless JS.