2022 : Present -Albatha Next, @Dubai

Full-Stack SSE

' Albatha Next is creating new digital businesses and supporting the digital transformation for the Albatha Group. '

Projects :

Detail about projects can be found at the bottom projects sections

- Working Stack includes React, Next Js, Nest Js, and Spring Boot.
- Learning Spring Boot in-dept

2020 : 2022 -ATOMPOINT, @Karachi

Full-Stack SSE, Innovation Lab

' A consultancy company that work with enterprises, organizations, and businesses from various industries, helping them create and launch products that are used by thousands of customers around the world. '

Projects : WaterLink, React-native foreground Service, Easy Woo Cart, Electron-Based Browser

Detail about projects can be found at the bottom projects sections

- Developed, tested, and deployed 15+ applications and websites over different frameworks.
- Architected infrastructure, backend, and frontend of an uber-like water delivery mobile app, based on GCP, NodeJS, and React Native that helped development streamlined and performant
- Created a Cross-platform Desktop Application based on chromium, A browser like application that supports automation, auto browsing, auto form filling with in the browser etc..
- Collaborated on all stages of the software development lifecycle, from requirement gathering to production releases.
- Developed Webinar Platform From the scratch ideate, design and developed, A platform where people can do webinars, and the webinar supports wide kind of features like Recording, ScreenSharing, Video and Audio Call via peer to peer between many to may peers with the help of open-source project JITSI.
- Converting Simple Static site to Dynamic Web Application using 11ty, contentful, and nodeJs making Static Html files, render content from server with great SEO.

2017 : 2020 - Dominion Stores & DFM @Karachi

Full-Stack SSE @DFM

' A Formal Mills LTD - now a parent company that own many business in Karachi and Dubai, including super stores. '

Projects : WooShop, Accounting Software, Real-time Location tracking

Detail about projects can be found at the bottom projects sections

I worked as a technical lead for the Company, where my primary goal was to manage all the software-related issues. I create 10+ in-house application applications on various frameworks. The Company has many sub-companies. One of them was dominion stores. I developed mobile applications for android and ios, storefronts, and desktop applications, integrated them with their systems, and extended the support for their existing System.

Javascript Full-Stack SSE


Raja Osama, 23 year old

Email -contact@rajaosama.me

LinkedIn - @rajaosama

Github - @raja0sama

Medium - @supersami

Phone - +971 543712358

Residence - Al-Barsha

Visa Status - 3 month visiting visa - ( ending in march 27 )


Hey, I'm Raja Osama, A Rockstar programmer, Currently living in Dubai~UAE. I am a passionate developer that has successfully deployed and handed over more than 50+ mobile/desktop/Web applications. I have also published more than 30+ articles with combined engagement/views/read of 2500+ monthly. I also have published more than 10+ open-source project / Project-starters, from which two GitHub repo with more than 50+ stars. I also have published two npm packages with over 800+ weekly downloads. I love programming, part of the reason is that I have been doing it since I was 12 years old; I have plenty of websites dating back to 2012 when I used to use blogger platforms and shared gaming-related content. I am passionate about programming, and in the past six years, I have worked with many projects, frameworks, and languages. In my spare time, I am focused on building new applications or replicating some existing applications to understand the concept behind them, explore new frameworks, and write technical blogs about my experiences with technologies and guides on my medium profile.


2021 : Present - Middlesex University, @Dubai

Bachelor of Science - BS, Information Technology

2017 : 2020 - APTECH Pakistan, @Karachi

Advance Diploma In Software Engineering, Computer Software Engineering

2017 : 2019 - CMS Collage, @Karachi

Higher Secondary - Pre-Engineering


Angular JsReact JSReact NativeNode JsGCPElectronJavaPythonJavascriptVue JsFirebaseMongoDBSQLDockerC#
Open-source/Freelance/Company Projects

Drone Response Project

Worked as a freelancer for university of Notre Dame Where they have multiple kinds of drones, auto-piloted towards the destination, Like to search and rescue and Delivery Drones. Work was done over Angular Js and my first time working as an angular Engineer.


Created an online water Tanker delivery system, with real-time tracking of the tanker very similar to Uber minus the animation. The Project was created on React Js, React Native and Firebase, where Firestore was the main database, and Cloud serverless functions were used as backend functions.

React-native foreground Service

RN-foreground-service let you run an un-killable headless task for react native; It is the most extensive kind of foreground service for react native in the market that has features like multi-task running from a single headless task, notification control such as buttons and on notification click handle, also let you update the notification on the go. It was designed while I was developing an uber application https://waterlink.pk/ for water tanker supply and needed a headless task running even if the app is killed. Therefore the solution was to create a foreground service in android, which is an un-killable notification keeping an instance of your application alive, therefore headless


Created open-source project e-commerce based Project created with React-native, Graph-QL, and woo-commerce. It was developed as a showcase application so that I can show off my react native skills in my resume. The data source is woo-commerce by WordPress, which is connected to the application my mean of graph-QL. It supports authentication utilizing JWT, Browses by filter, order creation, product listing, category listing, cart, and has over 100 stars on Github.

Accounting Software

At the start of my career I was tasked to create an accounting system over PHP, and I later made it open-source and migrated it from a core-PHP to Laravel. The System contains mostly all features like accounts, ledgers, purchase orders, vouchers, and invoices. The database that is being used is MySQL and is completely open-source for anyone to use.

Easy Woo Cart

A Simple plugin that lets you add products to your woo-commerce cart directly from the URL. It replicates the working flow of Shopify, and it can be used in storefronts

Electron-Based Browser

Open-source project created with Electron + React, a browser with all the basic browser navigation and tabs like controls

Real-time Location tracking

Another open-source flutter and java-based Project integrated with Firebase to track real-time location tracking. Initially, it was first created on java, it contains two apps, one is for the client, and the other one is for the vendor that needed to be tracked, backed it used Firebase to communicated and update real-time location in DB.