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Hello, my name is Raja Osama, and I'm a Javascript lover and Rockstar programmer currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I've worked hard in the IT field for the past 5 years, largely for startups and as a freelancer, generating hundreds of landing pages, websites, and mobile apps along the way, as well as dropping my bachelor's degree, failing my startup, and setting huge, unrealistic expectations for myself.

My abundant energy allows me to pursue a variety of interests, hobbies, academic pursuits, and artistic endeavors. I am a quick learner who adjusts to change quickly and is willing to acquire new methods and procedures, whether they are cultural or work-related.

I am an explorer who wishes to tour the globe and is enthralled by the natural beauty of the earth. The idea is to travel and get me into a recursive infinite loop of travelling, living in the moment, working in one place for a set length of time, and then moving on to the next. Not only is the world fascinating to me, but space and faraway planets, as well as the innumerable stars, interest me in ways that I can't express.

As a programmer, I like to think of myself as a Tech Agnostic Polyglot Programmer, someone who can adapt, learn, and change based on their environment.

I'm usually focused on :
πŸŽ›οΈ Designing great User interfaces experience
🌐 Developing full-stack websites that scales
✨ Developing backend and structuring databases.
🧰 Building Libraries and writing Technical blogs. In my work, I value,
⏱️ Efficiency 🎯 Consistency
♻️ Reusability
βš™οΈ Systems
πŸ“‹ Standards
πŸ’  Modular Design
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