Raja Osama

Hey, I'm Raja Osama 👋

I'm a Creative product designer, and I assist companies with their products such as mobile applications and web applications.

I always loved programming; I started when I was 12 years old with HTML and CSS, and then I enrolled in a web development program where I earned a diploma. I am the kind of person who will stand out in a group of people because of my working skills and dedication.

I like to call my self a tech agnostic developer, I have worked with uncountable frameworks and technologies. I always love to learn new technologies, because I have this fear of being left behind.

I started programming because of gamming; when I was 12, I got curious about all these website sharing games over the internet, which sparked my interest in web development eventually. I started taking an online course for web development, where I learn PHP and HTML, CSS, javascript. After some years of blogging over bloggers, I enrolled in a Software Engineering Program after completing my High School Degree.

I am a Drop-out that needs to put out there, I left my degree in Bachelors in Computer Science because it was not for me every thing they were teaching was either out of context or every out dated.
I'm usually focused on:
🎛️  Designing great User interfaces. experience
🌐  Developing full-stack websites that scales
✨  Developing backend and structuring databases.
🧰  Building Libraries and writing Technical blogs.

In my work, I value:
⏱️  Efficiency
🎯  Consistency
♻️  Reusability
⚙️  Systems
📋  Standards
💠  Modular Design
👍  Emoji Lists


I'm Frequently asked about the stack I use, so here's a complete list.

Prefered web stack

   React - Ui Library
   Next.js - React Framework
   Gatsby - React Framework
   Vue.js - Framework
   Vercel - Static / Serverless Deployment / Mico services & CDN
  Node.js - Javascript based Backend
   GraphQL - data query and manipulation language

Prefered cross platform stack
   React-Native - Cross-platform development Mobile framework
   Flutter - Cross-platform development Mobile framework
   Electron - Cross-platform Desktop App development framework
   Firebase - Serverless Backend
   Node.js - Javascript Backend

I Also Work with

   Laravel - PHP framework
   asp.Net - C# based web development Framework
   MongoDB - NoSQL Database
   django - Python based
   SQL - SQL Database
   MySQL - SQL Database
   Sass - StyleSheet language

Languages I learned




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