Raja Osama

Hey, I'm Raja Osama 👋

I'm a Rockstar 🤘 Tech Agnostic Developer, with a can-do attitude and the right mindset. I love to explore new technologies, concepts, and frameworks. A standout gentleman, always humble and hungry for adventure with my never say never mind.

I got into programming because of gaming; all these websites over the internet that share games with great interfaces doing amazing functionalities inspired me to get into web development, and eventually end up getting myself enrolled in a Software Engineering Program after High School.

I'm usually focused on:
🎛️  Designing great User interfaces. experience
🌐  Developing full-stack websites that scales
✨  Developing backend and structuring databases.
🧰  Building Libraries and writing Technical blogs.

In my work, I value:
⏱️  Efficiency
🎯  Consistency
♻️  Reusability
⚙️  Systems
📋  Standards
💠  Modular Design
👍  Emoji Lists


I'm Frequently asked about the stack I use, so here's a complete list.

Prefered web stack

   React - Ui Library
   Next.js - React Framework
   Gatsby - React Framework
   Vue.js - Framework
   Vercel - Static / Serverless Deployment / Micro services & CDN
  Node.js - Javascript based Backend
   GraphQL - data query and manipulation language

Prefered cross platform stack
   React-Native - Cross-platform development Mobile framework
   Flutter - Cross-platform development Mobile framework
   Electron - Cross-platform Desktop App development framework
   Firebase - Serverless Backend
   Node.js - Javascript Backend

I Also Work with

   Laravel - PHP framework
   asp.Net - C# based web development Framework
   MongoDB - NoSQL Database
   django - Python based
   SQL - SQL Database
   MySQL - SQL Database
   Sass - StyleSheet language

Languages I learned




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